About us

Judo Ireland is a sports organisation set up in 2004 to promote the Olympic sport of Judo across Ireland, through educational principles as set out by the Kodokan Institute and its Founder, Professor Jigaro Kano.
Judo Ireland is a non political, cross island group of like-minded judo enthusiasts who wish to promote & foster the ideals of Professor Kano, through education, competition and other associated activities.
The emphasis is on defining core objectives, identifying short, medium and long-term goals and developing action plans to achieve these goals.
This is being done by building judo from the bottom up by:

  1. Getting more young people involved in judo at schools, colleges and clubs.
  2. Bringing the sport to new areas in both rural and urban centres.
  3. By working with a team of professional, semi-professional and voluntary coaches.
  4. By teaching and assisting P. E. Teachers and other educators in the technical values of our sport, which will assist them in the development of our grassroots programs.
  5. We aim to work with other national governing bodies where we have common objectives.
  6. We aim to get our best coaches coaching throughout the country and not just confine them to elite players.
  7. We aim to promote Easter, Winter and Summer training camps.